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A business email outage can have a number of negative impacts including a halt in productivity, potential loss of critical information, communication breakdowns and a loss of credibility from customers or suppliers. Not to mention lots of stress and frustration.

It is therefore important that your business has a backup plan to mitigate email related incidents and a readily available support partner on hand to help sort things out quickly when issues inevitably arise.

Small Business Email Support

Keeping Your Email Online

Rapid IT will be by your side to fix all email related issues in an efficient and timely manner, covering the following steps and activities:



We will diagnose the issue that is causing you or your team issues, identify the root cause of the problem and implement a long term fix.



If necessary, we will reconfigure email settings or update any related software to ensure that the email system is properly configured.



We will perform regular maintenance tasks, such as software and security updates, to prevent future email issues from occurring.


Network analysis

We will analyze your network to ensure that there are no bottlenecks or other issues that might be affecting the performance of your email system.


Server optimization

We can optimize your email server to ensure that it is functioning efficiently and effectively.


User training

We can provide training to help end users resolve common email issues quickly themselves and prevent them from happening in the future.


Data recovery

If necessary, we can recover lost or corrupted data to ensure that important information is not lost.