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Internet & Network Security

Rapid IT’s business network security service includes all the measures and practices needed to protect your company’s computer systems, data and networks from unauthorized access, theft, damage or disruption.

This includes actions such as the implementation of firewalls, encryption, secure password management, and regular updating of security software, as well as procedures for incident response and data backup.

The goal of business network security is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your business’s sensitive information and systems.

Network Security

Day-to-day Security Tasks

We utilise enterprise-class network security monitoring software to remotely manage your business systems from our service center offices. Continous and comprehensive measures are needed to ensure your operations run seamlessly day-to-day. Core daily tasks include:


Verifying backup procedures.


Handling updates for both Windows and Mac operating systems.


Ensuring that antivirus software is updated regularly.


Continuously monitoring networks for compliance and efficiency.


Investigating persistent issues to find permanent solutions.