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Poor performing office servers can cause a host of problems for the businesses that rely on them.

Whether it is slow performance that negatively impacts your productivity, the increased chance of data corruption or a vulnerability to hacking or security breaches, responsible businesses should not take chances when it comes to the maintenance of their critical IT infrastructure.

Server Maintenance


Rapid IT is the managed IT services company you can trust to maintain your office server and make sure it runs in peak condition.

As part of our Complete Managed IT Service we perform the following continuous maintenance tasks:


Continuous Monitoring

We continuously monitor your server with our enterprise-class software, flagging potential issues and preventing downtime.


Regular Scheduled Maintenance

We perform regular maintenance tasks, such as software and security updates, to ensure the server is running optimally.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

We implement a backup and disaster recovery plan to protect the data and operating system stored on your server and ensure everything is rapidly recoverable in the event of an unexpected outage.


Performance Optimization

We utilise our monitoring software to make necessary optimizations and ensure everything is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Server Security

We implement and maintain security measures such as firewalls and antivirus software, to protect the server from threats and data breaches.