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Internet Speed Optimization

Slow internet performance can have a number of negative impacts on your business including reduced productivity, customer dissatisfaction, decreased employee moral and network security risks.

And with so many businesses reliant on cloud software applications these days, it is crucial that you have a reliable and stable connection to utilize them effectively.

Having a fast internet connection should be a business priority, something that will minimize negative consequences and maintain competitiveness.

Internet Optimisation Florida

Optimizing Your Internet

Here are some of the activities and tasks we can implement to ensure your business WIFI, download and upload speeds run at peak performance.


Upgrade the internet connection

If your business utilises a large number of cloud computing applications or is regularly downloading, uploading or backing-up large files, consider upgrading to a faster internet connection, such as a fiber optic or cable connection. We can discuss and then implement a solution to suit your needs.


Optimize Wi-Fi

We can ensure that your Wi-Fi network is properly configured, with the correct channel and frequency settings, and use access points that support the latest Wi-Fi standards.


Prioritize traffic

We can utilise Quality of Service (QoS) policies to prioritize business-critical traffic, such as VoIP or video conferencing, over less important traffic.


Network Acceleration

We can implement network acceleration techniques such as caching, compression, and content delivery networks (CDN) to improve the speed and reliability of internet access.


Monitor the network

We will regularly monitor your network to identify and resolve performance issues, isolate bottlenecks and track key metrics such as bandwidth utilization, latency, and jitter.