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Office Printer Support

A poorly performing or broken office printer can be a real pain. From the obvious inability to print letters, invoices or other critical documents, it can significantly delay projects, frustrate employees and cause unnecessary waste in office stationary.

It is therefore important to address broken printers as quickly as possible to minimize the negative impacts and maintain the efficiency of the workplace.

Small Business Printer Support

Keeping Your Printer In Good Health

Rapid IT’s experienced engineers are on hand to fix common printer malfunctions, replace necessary parts or procure suitable replacements quickly to ensure a broken printer doesn’t hold your company back. Here are some of the common steps we take to fix a broken office printer:


Check the connections

We will make sure that the printer is properly connected to the power source and computer, and that the cables are securely plugged in and linked correctly.


Check for and fix paper jams

We will check for any paper jams in the printer and remove obstructions that may be causing the problem.


Install the latest drivers

We’ll make sure that the printer has the latest drivers and software installed – checking the manufacturer’s website for available updates.


Update the firmware

We’ll check for any firmware updates for the printer and install them if necessary.


Check for low ink or toner levels and clean the printer

If the printer is not printing properly, it may be due to low ink or toner levels. We can replace the cartridges as necessary and clean the print head, to ensure that it is free of any debris or obstructions.