Why Managed IT Services – Instead of Break-Fix IT Help?

Why Managed IT Services

“Seems Expensive. We’ll just hire an IT guy when we need them instead…”

A phrase we hear often.

It mainly comes from business owners or managers who have just suffered from an IT-related issue and have spent a significant amount of time, stress (and money) recovering from it.

The irony, it seems, actually is lost on them.

But like most things in life, the difference between price and value is not well understood.

Here is a list of the main value benefits for adopting a managed services approach to business IT, rather than relying on a break-fix model.

1. Proactivity Rather Than Reactivity

Unlike the reactive nature of break-fix IT, managed services operate on a proactive model.

Rather than waiting for problems to occur, a managed IT service will perform regular maintenance, monitoring, and updates to your business IT system in the background – which drastically reduces the possibilities of problems occurring IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Therefore, a good managed IT service provider will ensure your systems run optimally and issues are addressed BEFORE they escalate into costly downtime.

This shift from a reactive to a proactive model significantly reduces the frequency and severity of IT issues that your business has to deal with and in return, delivers a more stable and productive working environment.

2. Predictable Costing

Managed IT services typically operate on a monthly fixed-cost model.

This fee will cover all IT management and support services – regardless of how much you need or use them. You could require the service for only 2 hours a month or 2 days – it doesn’t matter, you pay the same fee.

This predictability in costing is a stark contrast to the variable and often unexpected expenses associated with break-fix services. Depending on the severity of your issue, you could require an IT professional for several days which – on top of the hidden cost of lost or inhibited productivity in the meantime – can end of costing you lots more than you anticipated.

With a managed IT service, however, you can budget more effectively, avoiding any financial spikes that come with emergency repairs or sudden IT failures.

3. Enhanced Security:

It’s no secret that cybersecurity threats are a growing concern for many businesses.

Managed IT services firms are equipped with the tools and expertise to provide robust security measures, continuous monitoring, and rapid response to potential existing and newly appearing threats.

This comprehensive security approach is significantly more effective at safeguarding sensitive data than the ad-hoc security fixes often applied in break-fix scenarios – which, in many cases, is a bit like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted.

4. Access to Expertise and Latest Technologies:

Managed IT services firms employ seasoned professionals who not only bring a wealth of knowledge and experience – but also tends to be at the leading edge of business IT technological advances.

Make no mistake, this expertise can be a critical asset. It ensures your business benefits from what is happening now, at the coalface of IT best practice.

In contrast, break-fix providers do not have the incentive or resources to stay abreast of cutting-edge technologies or to develop deep expertise in various domains like cloud services.

You have to ask whether you prefer to be ahead or behind the curve.

5. Focus on Core Business Functions:

Perhaps the most overlooked but valuable benefits of hiring a managed IT services provider.

With an experienced IT partner looking after all your IT needs, you can instead redirect focus to your core business and put full energy into activities that drive growth.

You, your managers and employees are now freed from the distractions of IT problems, enabling you to concentrate on innovation, customer service, and other critical business functions.

6. Scalability and Flexibility:

A related benefit to being able to focus on your core business means you are more likely to grow as an organisation.

And coupled with this is the added benefit of managed IT services being inherently scalable.

Your IT service needs and requirements can grow seamlessly with your business without having to hire new members of staff for that specific role. You won’t need to setup an entirely new department should you ever reach a certain size. Your dedicated IT team is already with you – they have been the entire time.

This flexibility is a significant advantage over the break-fix model, which doesn’t actually deliver any added value at all.

7. Improved Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:

As you will be well aware, having a well defined business continuity plan is vital for the ongoing success of your organisation.

Unlike break-fix IT support, managed IT services firms excel at creating and implementing disaster recovery plans.

These documented plans and strategies ensure that businesses can continue to operate and recover quickly from any form of disruption, be it natural disasters, power outages, or cyberattacks.

The break-fix model, by nature, is ill-equipped to handle such planning and rapid response. Firstly, they don’t well understand the nature of your business, setup or priorities – taking considerable time communicate and recover. And secondly, much like the case where you may have been infected with a system virus, asking a break-fix guy to help you recover after a data loss or cyber attack is, once again, akin to shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.

8. Vendor Management:

Another often unrealised benefit of employing a managed IT service is that all additional vendor relationships are managed for you.

All subscriptions, invoices, equipment orders etc become centralised under one invoice. You no longer need to manage multiple contracts or remember when certain payments need to be settled. It’s all done for you.

This single point of contact for all IT issues streamlines processes, saving time and resources. It also ensures that any vendor-specific issues are resolved quickly and efficiently without involving your business’s internal staff.

Your accounts team will love you for it.

9. Long-term Strategic IT Planning & Competitive Advantage

Finally, engaging with a Managed IT Service provider to handle all your IT needs – rather than relying on a break-fix model – delivers tangible, long-term, competitive advantage.

If you communicate your long-term goals to them, they will help consult with you on the right technology, functionality and system process required to help you get there. They have the insight from other businesses and methods of practice that are making a real difference to productivity and efficiency.

This future-focused planning is rarely found in the break-fix model, which is inherently short-sighted, dealing with issues only as they arise without a view of the broader business implications.

To sum up…

In conclusion, the benefits of hiring a managed IT services firm are clear and compelling.

From cost predictability, proactive support, and enhanced security to strategic planning and competitive advantage, the managed services model is tailored to support businesses in a digital age.

Companies that transition from a break-fix model to managed IT services often experience a transformative effect on their operations, positioning them for success in a world where technology is not just an enabler but a critical driver of business strategy.

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