Preparing Your Business For Hurricanes

Business Hurricane Preparation

As Floridians, we are well aware of the risk of hurricanes and the impact they can have on our lives, homes and businesses.

But it still surprises us, year after year, how many business owners still don’t have a secure business continuity process in place to weather the storm.

We receive many calls after the dust has settled to try and recover situations where a business has lost data or network abilities, but unfortunately, for many it’s too late. The damage has been done.

Listed below are just a few risks that both expected, and unexpected, hurricanes can cause a business, and what Rapid IT would recommend implementing to navigate the risk.

Power Outages

The most common impact of a hurricane is regular power outages. If your business’s IT infrastructure lacks proper backup power sources such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or backup generators, your systems could experience sudden and prolonged shutdowns. These can lead to data corruption, hardware damage, and unexpected system failures. You will also be slow to get back into action after the dust has settled and may be playing catch up against your direct competitors or comparative businesses.

To prepare for this risk, Rapid IT might suggest investing in UPS devices or consider having backup generators to ensure continuous power supply (which we can help procure and install for you). We would also consider implementing automatic shutdown procedures for servers and critical hardware during power fluctuations to prevent data corruption.

Data Loss

Flooding and water damage can destroy physical hardware and storage devices, leading to sometimes unrecoverable data loss. Even if your IT equipment is not directly affected, the sudden loss of power or network connectivity can result in data loss incidents if systems are not properly backed up with the right contingency.

To ensure you don’t suffer this fate, Rapid IT regularly back up your data to secure off-site locations and cloud services in real time. As normal procedure, we ensure your backup and recovery procedures are tested and up to date and we document a disaster recovery plan for your specific business needs that outlines how to restore, not only data, but entire operations, in the event of a loss event.

Network Disruptions

Even a category 1 hurricane can damage communication infrastructure, including telephone lines, fiber optics, and internet cables. This can lead to disruptions in your business’s network connectivity, affecting communication and access to critical systems that facilitate day-to-day operations.

To elevate this risk, Rapid IT can help diversify your network connections across multiple providers or introduce technologies that reduce the risk of a complete network outage. We can help consult with you on alternative communication channels and various remote access solutions that can help employees work from different locations.

Physical Infrastructure Damage

The physical location of your business and its IT infrastructure can be directly impacted by hurricanes, leading to damage or destruction of servers, networking equipment, and even data centers.

Sometimes, damage to physical equipment is unavoidable. The most important factor is that the critical business data contained within them is safe, secure and recoverable. After that, getting replacement equipment installed and operational is the most critical aspect in the process.

Rapid IT keeps a detailed record of your equipment and network infrastructure and maintain close relationships with hardware suppliers to procure replacement units in double quick time.

Cybersecurity Risks

During times of chaos, cybercriminals may take advantage of situations to launch phishing attacks, distribute malware, or exploit vulnerabilities in your systems, especially when you’re just in the process of recovery.

To negate this risk, Rapid IT ensures your cybersecurity measures are robust and up to date. We also offer ourselves as expert eyes to you and your employees when learning to recognize phishing attempts and unsolicited communications. On fresh recovery installs, we regularly update and patch your software to address potential vulnerabilities.

Continuity Planning

Even before a hurricane has hit, we create and test a comprehensive business continuity plan that outlines the correct steps to take before, during, and after a hurricane to ensure the resilience of your IT systems and the overall business operations. We’re passionate about getting you back up and running as soon as possible after an incident.


By proactively addressing the potential challenges posed by a hurricane, and implementing a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan, Rapid IT can help you minimize the impact on your business IT system and ensure that your organization recovers rapidly from such events.

Say goodbye to downtime.

If you are a business looking for managed it services in Miami, get in touch with RapidIT now and take advantage of our free IT system audit.